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Customers want flexibility, convenience and assurance. With CLEARomni, you give customers options to check and reserve, or purchase and collect, at designated stores. While providing customer friendly O2O shopping experience and bringing customers to stores, CLEARomni empowers retailers with management tools to control various aspects for reservation and collection, as well as the in-store fulfilment workflow.

O2O Shopping Experience

O2O Operations

Platform Integration


Founded in France with over 160 years history, AIGLE has been active in the Hong Kong markets for over 20 years, with many existing customers and followers. While many customers do visit the brand websites before coming to the store for purchase, sometimes the customers can get disappointed if the items they are looking are not available in store. AIGLE has implemented CLEARomni to enable an Omni-Channel shopping experience, by allowing Click & Reserve Service and fully integrating with its offline membership program.