CLEARomni allows retailers to connect eCommerce platforms, marketplaces and in-store POS together through the hub without worrying about cross integration between each platform.

CLEARomni's channel plug-in architecture enables addition of channels with flexible data mapping, modes of data sychronization, channel specific functionality and ability for further extension. CLEARomni has pre-built integration with popular platforms and also allows customized integration. CLEARomni gives you the ultimate flexibility to sell in any channel through consistent management while retaining channel specific features.


Founded in Amsterdam in 2010, Flinders is the leading distributor with sense of design in the Netherlands. More than 15,000 creative products by over 600 well-known designers and collections from over 100 designer brands offered, consumers can find high-end quality household products in Flinders. CLEARomni helps Flinders to integrate its Magento website and Tmall Global, including product data through web2web integration, inventory and order data synchronization.